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What is early childhood education exactly? Why is it important? A child’s early years are the foundation for his or her future development that provides a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development. It is also important to choose the top schools in Gurgaon for that matter as everything that a child learns depends on the surrounding that he/she spends the most time in.

Since there’s so much change around us – and there is rapid disruption in most sectors – it’s evident that convention models of schooling have little relevance and need to change too to keep pace with these evolving times…

Some of the salient features of the future of education are:

  1. Minimal to near NIL – Rote Learning; except for the very basics like letters, numbers, formula, grammar, etc, etc
  2. Focus on application-oriented projects & activities led experiential learning.
  3. “Team” based collaborative learning, in lieu of the traditional focus on individual excellence – so when they join real life they are good team players, not just individually excelling.
  4. Good understanding in the application aspects of science – note the rote aspects like names of scientists, year of discovery, etc – all of which are just not relevant.
  5. Greater focus on the creative arts, values, design, etc – as most repetitive and basic scientific studies and work will be done by machines in the future, leveraging modern emerging technologies and automation like AI, Decision science, robotics, etc, etc – leaving the humans to focus on decision taking on complex multi-disciplinary matters or on the creative fields.
  6. Theatre, collaboration, music, dance, sports, activities, fitness, etc etc – which are included as a part of main curriculum – and treated as extra curricular activities with secondary or tertiary focus.
  7. Ability to overcome difficulties, handling set backs occasionally, some risk taking, compassion, love & r, humility & respect for others – juniors, peers & seniors and all creatures, a happy positive disposition, etc.
  8. Sensitivity to contributing to society, the environment, green values( to address climate change), inclusive view of the world – with respect for all, not just the blind pursuit of money & material success.

And by all the above – development of a curious mind always keen to learn more and more in our ever changing & evolving world.

Everything seems to be changing. There’s tremendous change & volatility that is on and it seems as though nothing is the same anymore…new operating/business models/disruptions/ newer products are emerging every now and then – and so the old model of schooling clearly needs to change

In times like these – it’s worth reflecting that the way top cbse schools in Gurgaon operate also need to be different from the traditional models – so children are prepared for the rapid change that is on today & the fuzzy future. This period of cataclysmic change is being described by the world economic forum as the 4th industrial revolution !

So in times like this – the best schools need to be very different from the traditional mould.

All of the above and more can only happen, if students enjoy “learning”, – which is meaning of the Sixth element i.e. one of the top schools in Gurgaon and with active partnership with parents too we develop the behavioural competency of continuous & lifelong learning and if every day in the school is a day of discovery – “i.e. an aha day” …i.e. of a wow daily, and deep & enjoyable learning! Thus in the school of the future, teachers & learning/intellectual infrastructure will ensure that each day is igniting & continuously re-igniting the “joy of learning “– i.e. the Sixth element!

To achieve this goal the role of the teacher and every member of the staff of a top school today is not just to teach or to bring learning magic into the class room/learning spaces – by experiential learning – so our young fast growing learners get a wow ! every day !!

FRANCE has banned the use of any  screens in schools up to the age of 15 years –  as screen based learning is harmful in many ways including creating serious attention disorders and in India , unfortunately some of the so called fancy branded schools  introduce Tablets in the classrooms & school bags – as early as class 1 ?? whew ….for their profits some of these fancy schools are  experimenting with children and also charging extra significant amounts for introducing the so called modern “tablets” and digital learning methods ??

So for the school of future (i) learning how to learn lifelong, (ii) leveraging experiential practices & mentoring in the classroom by teachers, and (iii) ensuring that our children become acutely conscious of the environment & sustainability aspects and also instilling the right values & morals are critical – all of which we believe in the school of future – The Sixth Element green experiential school @Tata Primanti together with our 15 year old kinder garden campus at South City 1

Thoughts? do share/let us know your perspective.

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