Fueling Fantastic Futures: Easy Eats and Active Adventures for Your School Star

Easy Eats and Active Adventures

Being a parent is a whirlwind, especially when your little one starts school! Between homework meltdowns and packing lunches, keeping them healthy can feel like a superhero mission.

But fear not, fellow parents! Here’s a sneak peek into the secret lair of Superhero Nutrition and Active Adventures, where we’ll equip you with easy tips, to raise a healthy and happy school star!

Superhero Nutrition: Power Up Those School Tiffin’s!

  • Rainbow on a Plate: Think beyond boring beige! Aim for a variety of colorful fruits and veggies. Each color packs a unique punch of vitamins and minerals. Make mealtimes fun with creative shapes using cookie cutters or arrange fruit kebabs for a playful snack. Fun – Nutrition & Learning – all in one!
  • Breakfast Champs: Start the day strong with a protein-packed breakfast. Scrambled eggs with veggies, whole-wheat toast with nut butter, or a bowl of yogurt with berries are all champions!
  • Hydration Heroes: Water is our best friend! Keep a cool, reusable water bottle handy with your lovely one and encourage frequent sips throughout the day. Keep one with you are around – to set an example – as they will copy you.
  • Snacktastic Choices: Ditch the sugary treats. Stock up on healthy snack alternatives like cut-up fruits, veggie sticks with hummus, or a handful of nuts (for older children).
  • Portion Patrol: Little tummies don’t need adult-sized portions. Use smaller non breakable plates and bowls to help them understand healthy serving sizes.
  • Avoid factory food – including at school : fancy good looking, nicely packed factory/cafetaria food is usually unhealthy and has been in cold chain freezers for days/weeks if not longer. So your home tiffin is best at school, unless your school provides “freshly” cooked (and not microwaved) warm , healthy food from the school kitchen. Fresness is key for our young ones – still developing their immunity levels – so lets take care please 
  • Indian snacks are often healthy . consider great Indian snacks like idly, sabudana, poha, dosas, besan chillas, even alu ka prantha, khichdi, etc – they are very healthy, if steam cooked or if air fried , cooked on a traditional tava

Active Adventures: Unleash the Inner Athlete!

  • Move it, Move it!: Aim for at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day. It doesn’t have to be structured – a game of tag in the park, a bike ride around the neighborhood, or dancing to their favourite tunes all count!
  • Figure of 8 walk or similar counting walks in the house or neighbourhoods – are great variants for your child and for you. Keep up the chatter with your child – talking as you walk is important, as you’re coding your child’s brain and language learning ….dont just leave it to your school, participate in the fun activity !
  • Make it a Family Affair: Get everyone involved! Take walks or picnics together, plan active weekends with family hikes or bike tours. They love to eat together – and show off their eating skills in a group – and also learn from others. Eating can thus be a great learning, bonding & social activity – even at early ages.
  • Limit Screen Time: Screens can be a huge time suck for activity – and is best avoided – at least till age 12 for all kids. No screens is  upto age 12(and less screens for older ones )  is very very important, as per UNICEF also. Set clear limits on screen time and encourage alternative activities like board games, playing pretend, or building with blocks.
  • Active Playdates: Plan playdates that get them moving. Organize a game of frisbee with friends or a scavenger hunt in the local park or maybe  kite flying in a windy spring day or maybe jumping jacks in traditional rows and columns made in your apartment floor with a chalk.
  • Make Sleep a Priority: Enough sleep fuels both body and mind. Establish a consistent bedtime routine and create a relaxing sleep environment.

Remember, these are just tips! Be patient, keep it fun, and involve your child in the process. Let them choose fruits and veggies at the store or help you prepare a simple snack. Celebrate their efforts and small victories – after all, raising a healthy school star is a team effort!

Bonus Tip: Make mealtimes a family bonding experience. Turn off the TV, chat about your day, and create positive memories around food.

With a little planning and these easy tips, you can help your child develop healthy habits that will last a lifetime!

We started the first sixth element  school 20 years back in 2004.

Our schools & afternoon daycare centers are compact green campuses – where a lot of outdoor activities & experiential learning (physical – not digital) takes place with children in most weeks. Smaller campus – with only 2 sections – limited children , allow us to focus on each child’s growth & development properly.

We can raise well-rounded future ready individuals who are prepared to face the challenges of the world with confidence and integrity – with the right methods and practices.  Specifically our foundational fitness in partnership with xfit kids , our gym, our green playgrounds and great coaches – give a great foundational fitness and start to our school kids.

A good understanding and partnership between parents and schools is key to nurturing the future leaders of gurugram, our great nation and our planet.

The sixth element school we believe in the importance of catalyzing & ensuring  “the sixth element -i.e. The joy of learning ” for every child. Our curriculum is  benchmarked with the best internationally, while drawing from our  very own core ancient Indian best practices9such as the guru shishya parampara) & values. Thanks to its 18+ years experience and its core child development practices drawn from Piaget, Vygostky and Bruner  – which is incidentally the resource pool – for the foundational years school curriculum of the upgraded new education (NEP) under roll out in india now. 

We are also in process of getting Cambridge curriculum affiliation too, to enable our children to evolve globally as well as do well in India . Very soon we will be a Cambridge International school.


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