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‘The Sixth Element‘, a Pre-School, Pre Primary & Primary school, together with Day Care, is designed as a fusion of the five elements – Vayu (freedom and far reaching presence), Aakash (boundarylessness), Kshiti (positive and down to earth attitude, stability), Tejas (drive, passion and confidence) and Jal (peace and harmony) to engender the sixth element: ‘the spirit of enquiry; the unbridled joy of being & learning’ through play, discovery and exploration !

Our unique child development methodology leverages lots of activities and is inspired by the ‘genetic epistemology’ framework postulated by Jean Piaget who emphasized the importance of discovery knowledge; Vygotskywho introduced the role of social interaction in child development and Bruner who reinforced the role of the adult in helping a child develop cognitively.

The school philosophy and curriculum are designed around child like experiences and the belief that development approaches need to follow every child’s readiness to learn. In our experience this approach ensures that the child enjoys the learning experience while evolving as a strong individual, with a sense of self-worth, values, integrity and self-esteem. Our reputation is also because we have green infrastructure, follow eco-friendly practices such as no/minimal plastics – so important today – besides all of the above; and the fact that we have been successfully operating for over 15 years at South City 1, Gurugram; and have recently opened our second campus at Tata Primanti, Sector 72, Gurgaon. The Sixth Element has also been listed as one of the top schools in Gurugram on Find top 10 ranks

Core Team

Jyoti Grover (Director & Owner)

Entrepreneurial; Conceptual; Innovative; Impatient to try out new stuff and make a difference! Extremely child centric and high on research. Jyoti has a background in psychology and management. She straddles two roles of handling adults and children seamlessly. As a practising management consultant Jyoti’s engagements span organization design, assessments and performance coaching. As an educationist she works closely with children across age groups to introduce design and delivers programs that build life skills, physical strength and enhance creativity in early childhood. She was closely associated with setting up the primary wing of the Shriram School,Vasant Vihar and as a teacher trainer with Loreto Convent, Calcutta. She brings to The Sixth Element a vast extensive research and experience in learning methodologies and Play Therapy.

Alka Kumar (Advisor)

Blunt, vivacious, the hard task master. Bulbul as she is commonly called, is the backbone of the school – what it stands for and delivers. A firm believer in the capacity of a child, she is the force that drives us to surpass boundaries. Her blunt, vivacious, push and persuade approach makes even the most novice of teachers come alive and deliver in 3 months. She is a Post Graduate in Economics and Specialist in Early Childhood Care. She has a vast experience in designing and driving a blend of traditional value-based approach to primary education with contemporary thought. In addition to actively driving the curriculum design and assessment at ‘The Sixth Element®’, she is a consultant with Literacy India, an NGO for underprivileged children.


Dr. (Mrs) Raj Grover

Dr. Raj Grover has done her Masters in Education and is a doctorate. She was the Principal of DAV College of Education for Women in Karnal for 23 years and was given the Best Principal Award of the best College of Education in Haryana. She has been a Paper Setter and Head Examiner in teaching of Maths and Education for various universities. She has held key positions in various academic associations in her career and was also the President of Association of Teacher Educators in all 19 Training colleges in Haryana for 4 years. She has tremendous achievements in academic, sports and co-curricular activities and has twice won Arya Jagat Award and also the first prize in M.A. (Maths).


The Sixth Element Schools are modern, grounded, experiential learning schools, providing quality education by leveraging innovative techniques, focused on encouraging continuous learning & excellence, nestled in green, eco-friendly, sustainable infrastructure, in touch with the elements.

We as a quality nursery, primary school in Gurgaon & day care in Gurgaon engage young learners, in partnership with parents & guardians, aiming to ensure they enjoy learning, evolve into life long learners & well rounded citizens.

Our emphasis is on imbibing strong sense of national pride, international understanding and responsible citizenship, while conscious that in a fast changing world, we will need even greater emphasis on simplicity and respect for diversity, while being grounded in values, ethics, humility, strength and purpose.

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