After School Care

Our engaging and best daycare in Gurgaon is setup primarily to address the needs of a nuclear and mobile working population. The increasing trend of single child families; lack of continual and reliable domestic care and extended hours at work are some of the reasons, besides the fact that we have a unique daycare where children are engaged – besides being cared for why parents – why opt for our daycare programs. Each of our daycare in South City 1 and Tata Primanti Gurgaon programs are created to develop children in the early years besides helping parents bring up their children in a safe secure, fun & activites filled and healthy environment – leveraging some of our preschool & pre primary school at Gurgaon’s best practices also in our well known & highly respected daycare in Gurgaon programs . Its a fun filled wow space for children – no wonder children are often reluctant to go home from our daycare at South City 1.

  • Regular Internal Daycare (Half/ Full day)
  • Regular External Daycare (Half/ Full day)
  • Emergency Backup
  • Internal School children
  • Age group 1 to 12 years ( girls ) and 1 to 10 years ( boys )
  • Hourly/ Weekly arrangement to address emergency
  • Infant Care 6 months -1 yr
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