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Daycare at The Sixth Element

15 years back when we started at Gurgaon – we were the first in the sector –  to understand carefully the needs of working parents & the child – and we developed & invented our full day child focused, engaging daycare in Gurgaon.

  1. We take children upto the age of 12, in our daycare program
  2. The Sixth Element Psychologists & child development team, Inspired from the works of Piaget , Vygotsky & Bruner developed the sixth element daycare centers on the principle that children develop their brains & capabilities best by taking an active part in engaging with & absorbing meaning from the world around them though active peer and teacher interaction
  3. Some of the other key features of our daycare centres near Sohna Road, Golf course extension road, SPR & SouthCity1  include:
  • Story telling & discussion on the story
  • Tactile garden
  • Music garden
  • Logical thinking & problem solving
  • Various project work on the environment & exploring/understanding the world around us
  • Music & dance
  • Art & creativity
  • Theatre
  • Home cooked organic & pure meals
  • Fitness building & regular exercise
  • Confidence building by various activities
  • Balancing, risk management & strengthening
  • Roller skating & few other outdoor games & activities
  • Games, fun & social interaction with other children & trained counselors.
  • Our campus’s green infrastructure in touch with the elements is a hall mark of the sixth element daycare centres …with lots of plants grown all over…often with most (upto 80%) being air cleaning plants…so we consciously build an Eco-friendly green sustainable environment with a number of green practices – like a near NIL plastics operating environment -with much cleaner air & positive charged environment than many parts of the city.

So if you stay or work nearby (say near Tata Primanti at Sector 72 or South City 1) and are looking for a high quality daycare consider the Sixth Element daycare – perhaps one of the best school in Gurgaon !

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