Guided Home Learning

We  are acutely aware of the  financial and online  schooling  related issues that  parents are currently experiencing.

The fact that many of us now  work from home , without or limited  housekeeping support and on reduced salaries is already a huge source of stress . Additionally , we also need to grapple with looking out for the well  being of our  young ones especially continuing their school learning  and pacing their screen time.

So yes , uncertain times  needs unprecedented responses!

Our “school led home learning Program” curated just for you  seeks to provide you with a comprehensive learning option to address todays challenges

Guided  Home learning : The Concept

in the early years keeping the child engaged in meaningful structured activities ,establishing a routine, invoking a discipline and a sense of achievement & recognition is critical to his or her development. This is also the most apt time to build the child’s  social emotional and language  capacity . More importantly , this is also the period when  fine and gross motor skill  development is imminent to the  child’ holistic growth.

Program Features 

  • Weekly planner/curriculum  provided to parent along with support material including worksheets /pre recorded videos /ppts , DIY activities and reading material
  • Parent required to follow the planner (with facilitator  notes)  to upskill his/her child  for fixed hours per day .
  • Children’s  work posted and submitted on a private home learning  group . 
  • One on one parent sessions every fortnight to discuss challenges and wins
  • Parent tutorials once a month  for shared learnings 
  • Common online sessions across parents and children
  • Special monthly sessions for parents to pick up skills in  art , music , storytelling , FMS and GMS activities
  • Access to the Sixth Element Library ( physical and audio )


The Sixth Element Guided Home Learning program blends the advantages of home schooling and formal schooling to prepare young children for enrolment in higher classes depending on your individual household need

The program is designed and delivered to provide structured weekly schedules  involving physical activity ,  cognitive challenges and opportunities for social interaction  and peer recognition .For  Pre schoolers  this translates  to child centric , easy to work on FMS , GMS  , language and creativity  assignments .As children  graduate to pre primary ( nursery and KG ) the emphasis on phonics , language , pattern writing and environment awareness is aptly incorporated in the guidance

In Primary  school students ( class 1 to 5 ), children begin to formally imbibe technicalities of language and numbers . The  how’s and whys of numerously occurring phenomena in the environment paves the way for introducing basic of history , geography and sciences . Of course , art , music ,  dance and physical literacy are equally immersed in the curriculum in the learning experiences

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