Christmas Day Celebration @ The Sixth Element School

Kids Enjoyed The Festivity by Painting Rangoli & Diyas

Confidence Building Starts Early

Confidence Building Starts Early

Vad Vivad - Reflection & Dialogue on a Project

Vad Vivad - Reflection & Dialogue on a Project

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Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning


Havan – A Tradition Held on 15th April 2019 at Tata Primanti

Centuries ago, the Deva - Yagna, Homa or Havan was almost a practice. It was performed early in the morning every single day. Unfortunately, the custom has been forgotten by the new generation.

But even in this modern age, The Sixth Element at Tata Primanti. has not forgotten India’s rich culture. The Havan is not merely a ritual, but a simple and a healthy process which gives us peace and quiet for a small amount of time, which we are quite unlikely to find.

In this great Homa we pray to Agni - the god of fire - to cleanse our body, mind and soul of all sins, to keep our spirits high like Agni.

The necessary things of the Hawan are - samagri, ghee, water, camphor and dry faggots. Four girls perform the Hawan, while the rest of us chant along with them. This goes class by class.

The Havan was performed on 15 th april 2019. The heat of the fire kills micro-organisms and pollutants in the air. As we all know, hot air moves up and cool breeze follows. When we feed the Agni in the Havan Kund with faggots, ghee, samagri and camphor, it crackles, bursts and

thus leaves the atmosphere fresh, clean, cool and fragrant.

We started it with the Sandhya, continue with Agni Hotra, which is followed by the Gayathri Mantra and which finally ends with the “Shanthi Padh”. This was all done in the presence of our class 1 children and staff.



Art Attack seeks to engage children and teachers to synergize experiences ....

Our School held a very interesting colorful palette of art and pottery workshop for

children from areas likeTata Primanti, Tattvam Villas and sector 49 on 6 th April 2019.

It was surprising to see the various pieces of art work, painting of high standards. The Exhibits were attractive and colorful for they had been prepared and designed well by the students with guidance from the art teacher.

There were many sections to interest children and parents who came to participate with the children. Other items like Pottery were also admired too.

Playground and Greenery in the Tata Primanti Branch School