Why Japanese Prefer the Sixth Element School?


There are many reasons why the Japanese like the Sixth element school:

Here is some of the feedback we have picked up in our conversations with the Japanese community over last 18+ years!

  • lots of plants all over, the green eco-friendly simple arty infrastructure & ethos
  • positive, courteous warm & friendly culture
  • great teachers – who are well versed in & use English language too
  • simple, compact child friendly & spacious, airy, well ventilated and safe campuses; less children per class and overall in the campus
  • focus on cleanliness and hygiene – involving children in cleanliness, instilling values and many such life skill development
  • internationally benchmarked quality curriculum
  • all around wholistic development, including actually doing things with hands, art, creativity, dance, music, fitness and play – not just academics
  • regular feedback and communication with Japanese parents – including by our inhouse part Japanese speaking resource (we occasionally celebrate some Japanese activities/events at our school too – which is good learning for Indian children too)
  • extended school care & engagement till afternoons/evenings – which gives Japanese moms greater flexibility

Most Japanese had gone back to Japan during covid – but now many have returned to Gurgaon – and they continue to prefer the Sixth Element School!


Many Japanese parents have been complementing the Sixth Element School – even when they have gone back to Japan – and remain in touch with us /our teachers

Here is a recent complementary feedback – that one of our Japanese parents was kind enough to write in to us:

Thank you yesterday PTM.

I share my reminder notes for PTM.


Mio entered 2023/02.

she started to go to school about 2month.


sixelements is Mio’s first school.

Thanks to teacher&didi,Mio accustumed early.

Mio likes to be cuddled.

I saw tyagi-san didisan always cuddle.

If I stop cuddling, she starts to cry.


she knows other children&school life.

meal with classmates is good for her.

she eats by myself&share neals&eating is fun.

she join school event(for example farmer market,sportsday,dance day,classmate birthday)

she can

i pick up her, she shows me her hands.

i ask her “today, how was your day? what are you doing at school”

starts to music, she dancing & moving.

from last week she shows me this move.

is this school teaching??

she brings her bags with cute smile not mistake.

she knows “i am Mio” “my bag point mark is charm &bottle”

spend with classmates not me.

in japan we spend forever and ever from morning to night every all day.

wear shoes & socks

and so on……

We are fortunate that we have a great team of awesome teachers & great management & support staff – and run two quality Schools & child development centers of excellence @ Gurgaon – one at Southcity1 and the other best school at Tata Primanti, Sector 72!

We also love Japanese culture in supporting the school going little kids. Here you can explore this video how do they incredibly help them.

Operating the School in Gurugram since 2004 (18+ years)!!

Have more questions: do reach us – we’ll be glad to guide/ chat /help!! Thanks so very much, for your attention.

sincerely, Team TSE.

the Sixth Element School

the school children love

igniting the joy of learning!


85272-74695 or 97736-32626

Limited enrolment available in pre-NURSERY, NURSERY, KG & DAYCARE, grade 1 in 2022 & 2023

@ Gurgaon’s only single section boutique VENTILATED, AIRY, SPACIOUS. GREEN CAMPUSES

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