Often parents are looking for the “best” school in town

Even if its far away from their home?

Yes, a “good” quality safe school is important – and can make all the difference – especially in the early/primary years – as the core foundations are being laid, with lasting impact all through the later years – high school, college, work and rest of life -far more, than what most of us visualise.

But on balance – is sending the child, 45 minutes to an hour or so away (for going to the so called “best” but distant school in town) every day the best school option for your child? Getting up so very early and dragging your toddler/child each morning/afternoon (to & fro) can be a major waste of time & energy for smaller children & parents too – which even the “best of curriculums/schooling” cannot compensate. If we were to count the number of hours wasted/week or year – will work out to a shocking figure and certainly a high percentage of waking hours.

  • And since during early/primary years, the brain & body is growing/developing exponentially – some time daily for rest, play & recuperation is more important, than wasting precious time on needless travel (daily?). Better to use that time study/schooling together with other children – or even playing together (i.e., bonding/making friends & relationships) in the neighbourhood.
  • Ideally if you can walk /cycle to the school or reach the school in a short “shared’ drive – is best[b1]  up to age of 12 years.
  • Taking a 4 wheeler or a school bus (which can take up to 30 minutes just to fill up or disembark children in different localities), besides travel to /from school, is also not an eco-friendly solution – given the climate change issues that our planet is grappling with – and we need to set an example early. Choking roads during mornings / school dispersal times can thus be minimised – besides helping children & parents to build friendships/communities/parenting peer groups – at or around the neighbourhood school – so important for cognitive development of children.
  • Thus, importance of a good “neighbourhood school”, ideally a smaller compact school (as often prevalent in Europe & North America) – which enables such bonding/communities to form – important for superior education delivery & building self-esteem & right behaviours in children. After all the role of the school is to develop each child wholistically, not fill up the schools with thousands of children from all over town (in a multi – section per grade/class format).   
  • Thus, the question is – is travelling to and fro daily, to the so-called best, but distant school, with many hundreds or even thousands of children going/leaving the school daily, the “best” option for your child – or should we rethink what is “best” schooling/education option, for our dear children – who will be a part of our future in a fast-changing world?

In our opinion, the importance of a “good” quality/safe compact neighbourhood nursery /primary/high school should not be underestimated – for igniting the joy learning & ensuring better outcomes for our child.  

Once the child has grown, is say in their teens (i.e. during middle or high school years) some travel for another more distant school, more closely aligned to what the child/parent desires is perhaps appropriate to then consider – although the need to minimise travel/time wastage will always be relevant.  Let’s remember one of the features of the most famous boarding schools was “no” wastage of time in daily travel – and compete focus on education & child development.

So the Sixth Element schools – are operated as exclusive quality neighbourhood, single section/grade school in Gurgaon – with limited annual intake – and high focus on each child. since 2004.

  • for our B block, South City 1 campus – we suggest this campus primarily to parents living nearby areas at South City1, Sector31, Sector40, sector 45, sector 46, sector 15, sector14, sector17, etc
  • Similarly for our Tata Primanti campus the nearby areas such as Sector72, sector69, sector 70, sector 48, sector 71, etc – including Tatvam villas, Spaze Privi, Aaron Villas, Tulip apartments, Vardhman  Victoria,  Vatika, Sector49 , Parasvanath , Sohna Road, SPR areas, etc  – although we have accommodated a few children from New Gurgaon – sector 81, 83, 84 – as there are no decent schools open yet there.

Dear parents – we would naturally be keen to hear your candid thoughts/perspectives.

Team TSE

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