Air cleaning plants at the sixth element schools & daycare – clean & cooler air

Have  you visited any of the Sixth Element campuses ?

If yes, you may have noticed our considerable green cover – with so many plants all over – which give the visitor, our children & our staff  a very cool ambience feeling in summers and much cleaner air all through the year which helps us deal with the winter pollution too.

Most of our plants are carefully selected plants for cleaning the air – such as ferns, palms, spider plants, aleo vera, money plants, snake plant, lots of creepers & other varieties – with educational benefits too – all of which help in improving our air quality, lowers the temperature & overall improves our environment.

Many visitors remark that there is a distinctly natural & positive feel about our campuses.

Our classrooms & other rooms also have indoor potted plants – which clean the ambient air inside the classrooms, daycare rooms & various learning spaces too.

Besides there are lots of plants in our  multiple open spaces for play and activities – which enable children to come out of the classrooms for physical activities too easily – which break the monotony of sitting in the classrooms all day long.

Quite in contrast ….what we find strange is that many schools today seem to have :

 – Huge “hotel like” over managed & over -sanitized school infrastructure?

– Fully air conditioned spaces all over?

All of which in our opinion and even doctors tell us  are actually not good for children as such “indoors and air conditioned always ” always reduces the immunity levels of children.

Our integrated school & daycare campuses are thus green, eco-friendly and our operating practices are simple, grounded, yet modern in terms of leveraging holistic activity & project based learning- where children enjoy coming to school everyday and each day is a day of experiential learning….where there is a lot of peer learning, sharing & team oriented learning(rather than individual excellence emphasised in most schools) etc.

  1. As a result of our high green quotient we end up attracting children from a lot of expat (particularly Japanese families). They relate to the Sixth element core philosophy of being in touch with greenery, the elements with limited daily outside the classrooms exposure, our “joy of learning” innovative and project based operating practices etc – where children often ask their parents on holidays and weekends – I want to go to school today ?

 Owing to our green thinking we also follow & support #greetathunberg @greetathunberg @greenpeace and strongly believe in the effectiveness of green cover and eco-friendly practices.

Do you ? Kindly do share your thoughts .

Here’s an interesting video that summarises that the most effective air purifying & cooling machine on the planet is a Tree.

And if you related to some of the above, do visit to experience The Sixth Element School & Daycare campus and of course share your thoughts  ….Thanks !

Questions, comments – We’d love to hear from you do write in to  or just call us at  977-363-2626

With our very best wishes,

Team : Sixth Element

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