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Best Play School in Gurgaon

Play School is the first place your child’s intellectual growth begins after your home. The Sixth Element is a leading play school in Gurgaon. We understand our responsibility to smoothen this transition from home to school and ensure that the child is given the most nurturing environment for their growth. 

Our priorities are the comfort, safety and growth of the student. Since children at the age of 2-3 are at a very moldable stage, we have created a program that helps improve their overall personality and sharpens their brain. Our curriculum keeps evolving as new technologies are developed and new methods of teaching are tested. With each year, our quality of teaching and parent satisfaction gets higher. 

We are not only specific with our curriculum, we also focus on the quality of teaching and the amount of attention given to individual students. As we focus on the talents of each student individually throughout the course, we see them bloom into beautiful preschoolers every year.

We follow these specific aged based programs to ensure that your child reaps the maximum benefit from the course.

  • Toddler : (12 months to 23 months)
  • Playgroup : (2yrs to 2.5yrs)
  • Pre – Nursery : (2.6 yrs onwards)
  • Nursery : (3.5 years onwards)
  • KG : (4.5 years onwards)
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