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Sixth element belongs to the Premium Schools in Gurgaon. Our outlook towards education encompasses not just academic learning but also ensuring the overall development of our students. We are considered one of the best preschools in Gurgaon because of our dedication to prepare bright young minds for the future. We were the pioneer school providing daycare in Gurgaon and till date we are unparalleled in that sector. 

Our Focus

We believe that each child has their own speciality and our responsibility is to create an environment that helps them hone their skills to perfection. We also encourage them to learn new skills at a pace suited to them. Our faculty emphasises on giving extra care and attention to each student to help them realise their potential and boost their confidence. 

Our teachers are passionate about shaping young minds and helping them reach the top. The children’s time table and curriculum are created keeping every child’s needs in mind. Even after focusing on each student in class, our teachers share feedback with their parents and are always available to students in need. We embrace each student’s talent and help them explore more. We pride ourselves on having a batch of talented and disciplined students each year. 

Our infrastructure is specifically designed to give students appropriate resources that focus on the development of their mental and physical aptitude. Our whole building is equipped with modern facilities that help students prepare for the future. Our playgrounds also allow students to enjoy recreational activities and sports.

Our Aim

Our aim is to create a positive impact in the lives of each of our students. We love to see our students smile so we keep hosting events that make them participate and enjoy. It also helps in their personality development. As much as we want them to be knowledgeable, we also want our students to be charming and confident. A child’s personality starts to develop at an early age, so we always encourage the children to open up and transform into wonderful students who can reach the highest peaks with determination. 

We have humanised our institution so that we can set the course that we want our students to follow. Over the years, we have faced many obstacles as well – the most recent one being the pandemic. But we took it in our stride and conducted successful online classes, inspiring our students to make the most of each situation and continue doing good.

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