Who is primary care giver for your child ?

 Is it mother or father or someone else in your home ?

Choosing between the father or mother is complicated. Research done elsewhere indicates that their styles and approach to care giving is very different , but the mother seems to have an edge . Read this article to understand some of the differences.


Research done at the Sixth element school & daycare, provides interesting insights to the question

  Lets review summary of the responses given by sample of parents of children @ the Sixth element, below:

  Number of responses % of population

MOTHER 45 56%



FAMILY* 4 5%


Total Number of study respondents : 80

( responses have been sampled randomly, from Parents of children at The Sixth Element School & Daycare)

(*) indicates joint family setting, with multiple family members participating in care giving

To the question “ who is the primary caregiver ?” for your child, administered to a sample of 80 sixth element school & daycare parents – over the last few months – the above responses were obtained.

  •  Mother was perceived overwhelmingly as the principal caregiver (56%);

  • Both Mother and father were perceived to be caregiver by only 15% of the population

  •  while Grandparents and extended family in a joint family like setting were thought as principal caregivers for only 28% of the population.

  •  interestingly “baby sitter“ as distinct from a “maid”  is now beginning to emerge in Gurgaon (bit like trends abroad or in very affluent/busy families) – as a primary caregiver.

 What are your thoughts & views on the subject ?

Above analysis is a representative slice of gurgaon’s childcare trends ( for early years schooling & daycare) at the Sixth element school- and may vary in other Cities/smaller towns/villages and with different demographics, income levels, etc – but at a sample size of 80 respondents chosen randomly is statistically significant and perhaps fairly representative of the Gurugram trends.

  The Sixth element School & daycare – research & analysis cell, continues to study & develop parenting & childcare trends – and is eager to hear from you…to get your thoughts & inputs too.

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