TSE Remote @ Homeschool is live...

Daily live engaging, original, easy to do @home, structured, convenient for parents too, activities enabled learning,

For 2 to 8 year olds.

Continuing development/education with MINIMAL screen time.. during quarantine...

.... Children can't wait for school to re-open

Here’s How We are HomeSchooling Remotely For Our Children at Home - During The Quarantine Period

As the new virus takes a toll on many countries, lockdown has forced schools & most educational institutions across the country to close their doors. Since learning cannot & should not stop, our awesome team decided to take on this challenge and so very innovatively developed a unique remote schooling program - initially for our 2 to 8 year olds to engage with children at home and encourage parents to help kids to continue their growth, development & learning - including their fitness. And conveniently do their schooling at home - while ensuring that the schooling sessions(carefully developed in very short modules, for convenience of parents - as well as to minimize the harmful if done in long bursts, screen time) with our original lessons done interactively with children by our teachers, alternating video & audio & breaks in between - so as to minimise screen/digital time.

A normal “school Day” at the Sixth Element School is ofcourse not the same as going to a school campus, given that it's being remotely delivered - curated online classes at home. But that’s quite ok - as the Sixth element learning programs are not a canned online {i.e just play the session online & learn DIY(do it yourself) programs} - rather has been very carefully developed keeping in mind that both parents & children - in a quarantine situation - will need to deal with significant limitations - of unavailability of stationery, some of the books/learning aids, etc - so we will need to together improvise & be very accommodating/flexible with each other - using easy to access/leverage @home props & “jugaad” learning materials- like newspapers, plates, etc - at home to do our art, creatives, numbers, languages, etc, etc.

Incorporating Fun Activities

We have also blended in fitness & other physically active dance like sessions to ensure our children remain fit - physically & emotionally - as happier children learn better - get a sense of achievement daily & thus also strengthen their own immunity levels.

Adapting The New Normal

We all have to remember that we are developing & adjusting to something new, which may become - as some experts are saying - the new normal - for many weeks/months every year - and its suddenness & newness has taken everyone by surprise and that there may continue to be some hurdles along the way, but we will all together - as one team - i.e. schools, teachers, parents & children “overcome."

Several schools in the country have switched to online teaching to help students continue their education and to bridge the education gap from the comfort of their homes.

Our Model Of Online Training

However may of these schools are running 100% online screen based programs - while thanks to the creativity of The Sixth Element Teams - we have developed - a blended model : video +interactive LIVE +audio + do it on your own using enrichment/online worksheets - with most sessions being interactive - in which the teacher engages with each child, discusses the work/questions of each child in the class - as well as leverages video/audio conferencing to allow each child to showcase her/his work in the virtual classroom to his/her peers as well as to the teacher {I.e like a “show & tell” } - thereby we succeeding in getting the child’s sense of achievement & confidence building that comes from showcasing & discussing interactively… one's own learning/classwork.

A large number of schools have turned to social platforms such as Skype and Zoom to continue teaching in classic whiteboard style, with homework assignments being given to children through portals such as Google Classroom, Zoom etc. Sixth Element also after careful analysis of security concerns as well as the needs of smaller children, particularly early/primary years started operating our #Virtual #remote school@home through Google meet and over times as google classroom becomes a more mature platform( which we understand is WIP @ google), we plan to transition to this easy, convenient, popular - yet secure but more improved platform.

Partnered With Google Meet To Conduct Our Online Teaching Session

Powered by Google meet, the sixth element team can host a number of classes, share materials, post and grade assignments, and more. Similar to a usual day school routine, our awesome team of teachers has adapted quickly to this new environment - and with the support of our awesome community of parents - are now successfully using this easy convenient online classroom platform to manage learning. Here, students/parents can join classes as per the timetable, submit work, and communicate with their teachers and classmates. Our teachers are well trained in the use of audio, video control, whiteboard facility and Q & A chat boards. We can easily monitor any class, as we have to only click a button on the google link/calendar to enter in any online teaching class. Some interactive classes are also being delivered on FACEBOOK LIVE. So overall the School is running virtually similar to regular school timing from 8 AM to 2 PMs; some days the hours are filled with activities and homework however on other days students attend interactive classes with their teachers/peers virtually. Since @The Sixth element school - the teacher/number of children per class ratio are optimised with fewer (than most school) children/teacher - the level of interaction & engagement in these virtual classes is pretty good & we are hearing a lot of appreciation from our parent community on this unique, carefully developed remote learning programs.

Everyone knew this wouldn’t be an easy task to carry out, however once the teachers were properly trained in taking classes online we also observed a lot of benefits:

  • We noticed that through online classes teachers are able to give better personal connections that were sometimes missed during the face-to-face class time.
  • It has helped both students and teachers to communicate more clearly with facial expressions, body language and intonation.
  • This new tech is quick and easy. Pushing records and communicating can be much faster than other forms of communication.
  • We are able to give “one on one” instruction, tutoring, critique sessions, in order to interact and engage with the students.
  • We have also discovered that together with children, we can also take the parents in loop, since often the parent is sitting in with the child at least for part of the class, so it's much easier to partner with them & therefore all of this helps to improve the learning of the child - as both the teacher & parent is invariably & naturally guiding the child to walk on the same path & use the same approach.
  • In the remote learning model - we have also been giving - very easy to do sustainable life skills development exercises - which are great from developing a scientific temper in children - such as gardening, assisting in cleaning of the home, participating in cooking, cleaning, drying & folding clothes, doing creative arts with waste materials(like old news papers/magazines) etc, etc - all of which will help our children not just become great learners - but help develop their self esteem & emotional health, humility & positive, collaborative team behaviors, all of which is so very important today/in the future.
  • DAYCARE: our creative daycare team has also developed daily engagement for our “daycare” children in the afternoons - so our famously innovative daycare programs - are also being delivered daily now - remotely. After all, children cannot wait for school/daycare to reopen.

The Sixth Element School has thus managed to live up to its tag line - making learning a joy & future relevant education !

Given the new normal that we are likely to navigate our lives into - an “only on campus program” is likely to be metamorphosed to a blended - “on campus + digital program” - to factor in social distanced on campus social interactive learning/activities/interaction, as well as integrating the benefits of digital learning - while ensuring #MINIMAL #SCREEN TIME - harmful for eyes and child’s natural focus & attention. So in this emerging new age - the entire learning community (school, parents & children), will acclimatize themselves to blended programs & digital platforms, The Sixth Element School has led the way in many ways - moved its classes entirely to GoogleMeet with original (not canned) learning programs for this phase - to ensure that our students do not fall behind.

Right now we are one of the first in the 2 to 8 years age group in Gurgaon and over time we will cover other classes too. We are also one of the first to integrate fitness, dance, life skills, learning by simple easy to do activities at home learning models(developed innovatively & creatively) by our awesome team.

Maintaining social distancing and taking all the precautionary measures will hopefully minimize the reach of this virus and allow us to get back to on campus school as fast as possible. However this virtual remote learning model will help us, keep the Sixth Element learning ON regardless if the virus lockdowns further extend or in such phases - such as pollution or extreme weather breaks that schools are often constrained to close out on.

We would love to hear from you about the unique, futuristic blended(on campus-cum-digital) & remote learning model. After all we are continuously learning & honing our pedagogy - with all the useful feedback & suggestions - that so many of our smart parents have given & continue to constructively given.

We are truly proud of our partnership with our parents also - and in this note - would like to sincerely thank them for helping hone our remote @home schooling delivery model - despite having their own constraints, in these tricky times.

Wishing every one & all children on the planet - a safer, greener & more energised future !

Team TSE

  • Our  formal school campus(*) in Tata Primanti, sec-72, Gurgaon in line with our well known ethos, is also a green, eco-friendly, creative, sporty & safe campus; where we provide complete spectrum of high quality future ready, activities enabled education.

    (*) currently upto primary classes, eventually we’ll add senior classes too.

    Our  15 year old first campus in South City-1  continues to serve the community as a premium Nursery, Pre School/ Play School & Daycare


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