Our Senior School, just like our Primary school in Gurgaon will develophappy, curious children in the primary years, who enjoy learning, thanks to our activities led & team based unique sixth element learning pedagogy, instilling global outlook, while staying firmly rooted.

  1. In a fast changing world our single section senior school near Golf course extension road at Tata Primantiwill have very limited intake per class, and operates differently from the standard run of the mill school formats
  2. Our green eco-friendly, yet arty physical infrastructure, learning spaces & playgrounds in touch with the elements, complements our experiential learning intellectual infrastructure with some of the most committed teachers, staff and management
  3. Our school is near Sohna Road and SPR road and is rather unusual, combining modern experiential learning practices, sports & fitness, extracurricular activities with traditional values
  4. Role of our teachers is not just to teach, but to mentor children to think, reflect & learn by questioning & dialogue with peers. We believe that a great classroom is not one where the teacher is teaching & children are listening/taking notes…rather one where there’s lots of dialogue, fun, debate & discussion and team-based project activities
  5. Earthy simplicity, ability to win with humility, team work, respect for different point of view are core values, which apart from morals are subtly emphasized
  6. While success & winning is important, taking risks and handling defeat/failure are also subtly handled so our Senior school will create a nursery for real life…rather than an over protected environment where the children remain somewhat unprepared for real life…child psychologists emphasize that handling some stress is equally important for brain & overall development

In today’s fast changing world. the desire to learn things in-depth…with a good understanding of “why” of the subject is important…so children enjoy learning rather just get high marks.