Many Schools Today Seem To Have :

– Huge “hotel like” over managed & sanitized school infrastructure?

– Fully air conditioned spaces all over?

– Technology enabled classes & education process (like a BPO) drive the education delivery minute on minute?

– Role of coaching & life skills by teacher/guru not clear, as lesson plans & BPO like over monitored processes, seem to drive daily routine in school ? the over burdened with process reporting teacher, thus focuses more on filing reports/updates online through the day, than on engaging with & mentoring ….

– Monitoring of whats happening in class, provided to parents as a continuous feed  via an app – of whats happening every hour and minute with their child?

– Most of the furniture and props are often beautiful, but usually made of plastic and there is plastic based stuff all over the campus? Although environmental consciousness & sustainability, is taught as a core value??

 While safety, security and cleanliness is emphasized by the Sixth Element School, we do question need to have an over protected, over sanitized infrastructure and Operating practices (such as single use plastics) or too much technology & very tight process, all of which provide freedom to our teachers to creatively innovate, engage and mentor, spend quality time with children and develop their cognitive & physical capabilities, knowledge, skills (including life skills) and values – while enjoying their roles. The Sixth element is a fun and creative work place ! the positive energy is palpable.

Our campuses are green, eco-friendly and our operating practices are simple, grounded, yet modern (modelled after the world famous FINNISH education & Riverside school model) in terms of leveraging holistic activity & project based learning practices – where children enjoy coming to school everyday and each day is a day of experiential learning with the teacher playing a catalytic role in the workshop like discussions(and not rows and column like seating) classroom format where there is a lot of peer learning, happy sharing & team/collaboration focus(rather than “individual excellence” emphasised in most schools); as well as “some engagement” in the outdoors also ( sports, games and walking around learning spaces in the open and un-airconditioned airy spaces as a conscious policy – so children are “not” kept completely unexposed to the elements, in over air conditioned spaces(and as a consequence  we usually have better immunity levels in our children).

The right balance between safety, security, air conditioned spaces as well as non-air conditioned airy spaces, exposure to the elements, nature, lots and lots of greenery and play grounds “ – with some outdoors play even in hot or cold weather is encouraged for short periods”, to build the strength and immunity levels in our children.

  • We attract children from a lot of expat (particularly Japanese families) – as they respond to the Sixth element core philosophy of being in touch with greenery,the elements, some outdoor exposure, our “joy of learning” innovative and project based operating practices, etc – where children often ask their parents on holidays/weekends – “mama/papa I want to go to school today ?”

  • Our Infrastructure and operating practices are “child centred” while we care about parents and engage/partner with them of course – but there is a visible difference in our child centred infrastructure visible all over.

  •  Do visit any of our two campuses in Gurugram – at B block, South City 1 and  at Tata Primanti, Sector 72, to experience the Sixth element difference.

  • Since we have been operating successfully for over 14 years in Guragon, our operating model is often appreciated by parents and visitors alike – and we end up getting lots of siblings of children who’ve passed out a Sixth element campus & daycare.

  • One area we have really focused on parents, is all our campuses are schools & daycare combined – so parents are not juggling two campuses daily, especially when both the parents are working and living in nuclear formats.

  And if you related to some of the above, consider visiting the Sixth element campus !

 Questions, comments – we’d love to hear from you ; do write in to  or just call us at  977-363-2626

 With our very best wishes,

 Team : Sixth Element – the only school & daycare in the same campuses in Gurgaon; operating successfully for over 14 years!

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