Most Trusted Preschool in Gurgaon

Perhaps one of the best preschool programs in Gurgaon

The Sixth Element’s preschool near Golf Course Extension Road Gurgaon curriculum & learning methodologies are unique and structured around child psychology from Psychologists like Jean Piaget – who emphasized the importance of discovery; Vygotsky – who introduced  role of social interaction in child development; and Bruner – who reinforced the role of the adult, in helping a child develop cognitively

The early years are so critical in terms of brain, IQ, physical & emotional development that it sets the foundation for life. So in the Sixth element preschool campus near Sohna road @ Tata Primanti garden estate besides care & safety, active engagement & play with activities, including outdoors in fresh air is done..

Our Playgroup/Pre-Nursery program is affectionately called Amber & Vayu indicating our green association with elements

we recognize the lasting impact environment & our psychology based approach has in laying the foundation for your child to become a confident, bright & balanced adult.

Some methods we leverage :

  • Learning by exploration
  • Developing communication skills
  • Activities led fine and gross motor development
  • Promoting cognitive development
  • Music, dance, storytime
  • Encouraging positive peer interaction

If you stay near Sohna road or Southern periphery road area in Guragon and looking for preschools in Sohna Road, our new Sixth element preschool ( after operating our legendary preschool at southcity1 for over 15 years) is conveniently located nearby at Sector 72 with option of our daycare program as well, for full/part day coverage

Spacious, airy rooms (with no plastics, but creative and simplistic “Japanese like” minimalism approach applied to interiors) coexist with green outdoors covering the five elements – earth, water, sun, space and clean environment with lots of plants(which – clean and oxygenate the air naturally)…in which children play, develop & build their health + immunity levels..

Igniting the joy of learning@ the Sixth Element School