Making learning a joy & future enabled school & daycare


 The Sixth element is a green school &daycare operating successfully at Gurgaon for over 14 years at South City 1 and now opened its second campus @ Tata Primanti garden estate, Sector 72.

 Children just love to go the Sixth element as learning is a joy and they enjoy each day of discovery, activities, project work , being in touch with the elements in the green airy verdant campuses with minimal artificial inputs like air conditioning, no plastics  and lots of lots of eco-friendly practices, team oriented work and phenomenon based practical  learning practices often similar to those followed in some schools in Finland.

Our single section(max two sections) per class ensures each child gets adequate focus and attention and they don’t get lost in the multi- section(just too many sections & children just filled to increase numbers in each class/grade as they attempt to optimise ROI)  mob of children as in many schools(unfortunately).

 Some key elements of our learning practices include:

  •  Lots of out door activities – to learn about things practically rather than just from books  – such as visits to bank, fire station, ride on tractor, visit to grocery store , visit to villages,  farms, meeting with villagers, experts, etc, etc

  • Team oriented activities & project work apart from team sports and extra curricular activities to inculcate team excellence rather than individual excellence or “marks” or subject wise “grades” generally emphasis-ed in Schools in India – which is usually not in sync with the needs in the market and real practical life.

  •  Practical & modern phenomenon based learning rather than the conventional siloed & narrow  subject based learning !

  • we are campus with spaces in touch with the elements – which enables children to build their immunity levels too….we are not one with full scale air conditioned all over – where thanks to no or negligible exposure to the elements – the immunity levels go down – and then children are constantly falling ill in the over protected , sanitised environs

  • Given the “joy of learning” inculcated – children get ready to learn more and more and enjoy learning in depth and from its impact to practical life – and so in these times of rapid and continuous change, children get “future ready” since as they become young adults, they will need to learn continuously – often on their own ( on online formats like MOOCs, Coursera, as well as on the job, etc, etc) – to adapt to all the changes happening around us.

  • Inculcation of values is emphasised by debate and discussion – post story telling sessions – of stories with learnings, life skills and practical positive insights.

 Thus children just love to come to the Sixth element schools and many parents report that on weekends and holidays – they often ask to be taken to the Sixth element – why no school today ?

 ….that we are a preschool, primary school & a day care (and senior classes also planned in due course) – all rolled into one campus – is so very convenient for parents & a bonus.

Visit one of our campuses( South City 1 , b block) or (Tata Primanti, Golf course extension road) – to experience our green airy earthy creative , arty and markedly innovative campus and if you’re lucky perhaps you may be in a position to witness of one of our “learning is a joy” sessions in a classroom or one of our innovative & creatively designed open areas …

 Questions, comments – we’d love to hear from you……. do write in to  or just call us at  +91 977-363-2626

 With our very best wishes,

 Team Sixth Element !

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