1.  What does Sixth Element mean?

It is designed as a fusion of five elements – Vayu(freedom and far reaching presence), Akash(boundarylessness), Kshiti(positive and down to earth attitude, stability), Tejas(drive, passion and confidence), jal(peace and harmony) to engender the Sixth Element, “the spirit of enquirer;the unbridled joy of being) through play, discover and exploration.

 2. My child only understands his/her mother tongue so how do you see that my child understands the instructions being given?

Teachers at The Sixth Element School and daycare give instructions in English and Hindi and gradually in complete English. Teachers and    nanny learn basic keywords in child’s native language to commute better too.

3. How is Sixth Element School different from other School?

The Sixth Element School and Daycare being situated in the vicinity of Tatvam villas, Tata Primanti, Sector-48, Central Park, Tulip Apartments, Sector 69, 33, 34,57 nirvana country and golf course extinction makes it easily accessible to almost all residents nearby. It’s a small setup to bring out homely and earthy environment, purely we want to give attention and lot of focus on values. We want our children to turn out to be conscious human being and responsible towards environment.

4. What is the methodology , pedagogy Sixth Element use in teaching?

The Sixth Element School and daycare, Sec-72 is a play way, Montessori and introduces multiple learning styles like Piaget, Bruner, Vygotsky, Eric Erikson and Reggio Emilia. We follow best practices enligned with IGCSE and CBSE. Children are made to adapt well and individual attention is given. And this kind of experiential learning has been implemented in our other branch which is in C block, South City-1 also for the last 14 years.

5. My child never stayed away from home. How would you make him/her adjust in the new environment?

We at Sixth Element School and daycare gradually start for few hours. Comfortably a child takes two weeks to settle for pre-nursery and 2 days for nursery.

6.  If my child is a fussy eater , how will you ensure he/she eats school meals?

Yes we at Sixth Element School near Tata Primanti know that children are fussy eaters now a days so they are encouraged by teachers to eat with different group activity or building stories around.

7.  How often do you communicate with parents and how?

We at Sixth Element School, Golf course extension communicate through quarterly based parent teacher meeting and for nursery/kg parents, we also welcome them to meet with prior appointments. The same is done with the help of a broadcasting group and daily update on Shri Connect.

8.  My child can only understand his/her mother tongue, so how do you see that my child understands the instructions being given?

Teachers at The Sixth Element school and daycare which is on sohna road give instructions in hindi and English and gradually in complete in English language. Teachers and nanny learn basic keywords in child’s native language to communicate with them better.