We are experiencing massive change & disruptions across sectors – and so schooling & education in general and certainly in the transformational early years also needs to adapt – so as they are growing up they are ready for the massive change around.

The era of rote learning & individual excellence – is over.

· “Team” based learning & excellence is far more important than “individual excellence” – because in practical life,  effectiveness in any organization requires “effective team work”, not “individual brilliance”

· “Phenomenon” or “project” based learning is far more important than the traditional narrow siloed “subject” learning – as in the subject wise traditional approach, the student is often unable to comprehend why I’m learning this ? – and learning remains such a pain, with rote learning of definitions, names of discoverer’s, author’s and event dates – memorization ???

Phenomenon/project/activity based learning however is radically superior and such a joy of learning & discovery. If for example, we study about “thunderstorms” – the what, why, how, etc becomes a fascinating journey of discovery & learning incorporating various facets & subjects such as geography ,science, environment, impact of thunderstorm to society, humans, animals, plants, sociological impacts of a thunderstorm on villages & towns, on urban areas and agriculture, etc, etc – and so when we research, discuss & learn about the various such practical aspects – rather than the siloed subject wise learning … going to school becomes a joy and children look forward to going to the Sixth Element School !

· And the role of the teachers is not to teach, but to facilitate the discovery process and guide, mentor in learning on a fascinating journey

· Climate change is one of the biggest problems facing our planet so @ the Sixth Element we practically demonstrate eco-friendly practices in our carefully developed green campus, to enable children to become sensitive to sustainable practices, so important for our planet’s survival today

· Values and ethics are also important today  …so at the Sixth element, we help children imbibe these practices on the campus and encourage our parent community to reemphasize the same at home.

….if you liked some of the above, do write in to us with more questions, comments & feedback if any and we’ll be glad to further engage with you …. Thanks !

From Team : Sixth Element – the only preschool, nursery, primary school & daycare in the same green eco-friendly campuses in Gurgaon!

BTW we are working to open our 2nd campus at Tata Primanti housing complex – which will initially(with effect from q1 2019/20) be a preschool, daycare & primary school – and we are now welcoming a few bright children ( as we have limited seats available – given that we are likely to be single or max two sections per class school ) from nearby areas such as :

  • Golf Course Extention Road

  • Southern Periphery Road(SPR)

  • Nirwana Country

  • Central park

  • Tulip

  • Vipul Club

  • Tatvam Villas

  • Sector 33

  • sector 34

  • sector 48

  • sector 51

  • sector 57

  • Vatika City

  • Palm Springs

  • Sector 54

  • Sohna Road area

  • nearby areas

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