while generally Breast feeding in regarded as superior to Top feeding or bottle feeding child with milk/milk/formula powder based supplements, the moot question is what are the actual practices.

At the Sixth Element school & daycare research cell – we continuously study some of these trends in Gurgaon, with a view to attempt to correlate the same with learning outcomes and child health.

while this will vary with demographics of family/mother, summarised below is some summary analytics – which may illustrate some of the trends in Gurgaon:

  • Breast feeding for upto 3 months – 22%

  • Breast feeding from 4 to 6 months – 56%

  • Breast feeding from 7 months to 1 year – 14%

  • Breast feeding from 13 months to 2 years – 6%

  • Breast feeding for greater than 2 years – 2%

    The Study was conducted over the last few years, from amongst parents of children enrolled with the Sixth Element School & daycare.

Since almost 78% of mothers reported that they had breast fed their child for upto 6 months – this seems to have a good co-relation with the maternity benefit of 6 months, usually provided by organisations in India/gurugram.

While the Sixth Element Childcare & health research is still on – prima facie there does seem to be a good co-relation between child health and duration of breast feeding – and the Sixth Element school & daycare recommends breast feeding to its parents for longer periods, than just the overwhelming “upto just 6 months” that the majority Sixth Element school population – at Gurgaon – seem to follow. Even if the mother is constrained to get back to work faster – which is often the case…it is recommended that a hybrid approach be followed, if possible, than discontinuing breast feeding completely .

Independent research done in India and overseas reports different outcomes – especially when the research is sponsored by baby feed companies, so its difficult to make out based on a google research which is better …. however the Sixth element school &daycare study seems to clearly favours breast feeding !

  The Sixth element School & daycare – research & analysis cell, continues to study & develop parenting & childcare trends – and is eager to hear from you…to get your thoughts & inputs too.

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