Daycare & School in Same Campus- The Sixth Element @Tata Primanti

The Sixth Element School has been successfully operating its nursery school & daycare campus for “over 14 years” at South City 1, Gurgaon.

This year in affiliation with Tata group we are launching our 2nd campus - which will be a nursery-Primary School to start with, together with an on campus daycare - so that for Parents living nearby - we provide a single point solution for children from 1 years to 12 years . Eventually we plan to set up our “senior” school also in the same campus or nearby.


Since 2004 –  when we started out @ Gurgaon – we were the first in this sector  to distil feedback from working parents & accordingly created our full day school & engaging “daycare”.

 Some of the key features of our school & daycare are:

·         Experiential learning with lots of activities, project work, etc. - like project work on the environment & exploring/understanding the world around us; music & dance; art & creativity; theatre, fitness & sports, home cooked organic & pure meals, confidence building by various activities - balancing risk management & strengthening oneself, balancing winning with team play & collaboration, etc.

·         Basketball, football,  roller skating & few other outdoor games

·         Games, fun & social interaction with other children & care giving counselors.

·         inculcation of values & ethics

·         Our unique “single section/class” operating model - with a usual 20-40 kids/class max (lower nos for smaller children; and the ratio goes up a bit for the older kids - but still “very limited” numbers/class), ensures adequate teacher & management focus on each class - which has contributed to our online 5* reputation and good word of mouth respect in the Gurgaon community.

As is well known in Gurgaon, all of our campuses have green infrastructure & operating practices(like no plastics, recycling, etc)  in touch with the elements - i.e hall mark of the sixth element schools & daycare centres in Gurgaon …with lots of plants grown all over, green sustainable environment with much cleaner air & positive energy levels and sensitivity of environment integrated into our pedagogy. We understand from our engagement with MCG - which the area right in front of the Tata Primanti campus including the Sixth Element School & daycare @ Tata Primanti - is being developed into a nice green leisure valley - further enhancing the green focus & environ of the campus.

Questions, thoughts? Want to contribute & share your feedback or thoughts on what modern green & values based experiential learning & education best practices…do write in to us @