Good And Bad Effects Of Television On Children

The role of Television in our kids’ life is much bigger then it seems, whereas as a parent you witness many new changes and transformations within your child’s life.

You can witness your child entering into the magical world, created after watching the super-heroes, and that sudden giggle while watching Doraemon, which clearly states that children go through a huge transformation and receive the exposure after watching television.

Television holds the potential to build character and personality and even has the power to change attitudes and perspective towards life.

Amid this cool-set of attributes, one venomous feature also lies, which suggest that children after growing can easily be influenced by what they see and hear, especially on television.

Yes, this is a major concern which rightly bugs the parents most, as there are television programs which are educational, but there are few programs which trigger the violent behavior among the kids.

To watch Television or not, has been a moot point for many years, but we need to understand exactly what is the right solution - to this debatable question - thus we are here to help you get a solution through this post, just read ahead…


Positive Effects of Television on Kids

Source of Entertainment- Entertainment is an inevitable part of life, and kids get the most polished and refined version of entertainment with TV, helping them to stay engaged, learn new skills, and have fun – all in one package only.

  • Education- The traditional teaching methods are never welcomed by every kid, thus as a parent you can make your kids grow interested via educational programs shown on TV, helping them to learn while having fun.

  • Sports- TV can be a great resource to encourage sports interest among kids, and help them to stay active and healthy.

  • Culture Exposure- With a TV, a kid gets enough of options of learning and exploring the new cultures, that enhance their social learning and development skills.

  • Keeps them engaged- Nothing can beat the kids’ energy level, in such situation a TV is the best resource to relieve their boredom.


Negative Effects of Television on Kids

  • Steals Opportunities- The competition in the outer world is screaming largely about the numerous opportunities to be grasped, but spending too much time on TV make a child lose the precious time which could be spent on more productive tasks.

  • Broken language and Social Skills- The rhythm of language skills when we move in society to meet and interact with people. A TV does not interact child on a psychologically or a personal level.

  • Halts Creativity and Imagination- Indeed the real-world exposure cannot be replaced by TV programs, thus watching TV excessively kids fail to stimulate their minds or come up with fresh ideas on their own.

  • Focus Goes Missing- Spending time on TV only translates the major drawback result for the kids, where they lose their focus to participate in creative and mentally calming activities.

  • Unproductive- When a kid watches TV, they fail to achieve milestones in their academic, social, or emotional lives, while studying with the best nursery school in Gurgaon.

  • Medical problems- Usually kids who spend a LOT of time on TV, are at the risk of developing medical problems.

When to grow concerned?

As a parent, we all have our own set of fears, especially when it comes to handling a child. We don’t want our child to misbehave or turn into an irresponsible individual, thus we try to limit every fact, built around the GOOD parenting standard.

In this run, we put excessively stop on kids and restrict them watching their favorite cartoon shows even. But there is something where we lack in and that, knows WHEN to put a STOP?

  • If a child watches crime drama or horror flicks and has nightmares during bedtimes.

  • A child is spending a significant portion in front of the TV.

  • A child is compromising the reading, studying, learning activities, play, and/or exercise time.

  • Watching unsuitable content such drug, alcohol or unfit programs, which are affecting the emotional behavior.

Remember, for the efficient and cognitive development of your child, you must develop positive life skills and must be ensured of the right messages and ideas are being conveyed to children through a variety of means

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