Together or Apart: Should Your Twins Be in The Same Classroom?

I know it’s a million-dollar question, every twin-kid parents would like to know the answer of, but sadly, this is also a burning query from the parents, who look for the efficient educational means for their offspring, but instead always get the moot point to irk them further.

We all know, that school is the stepping stone for our little munchkins, who are all set to learn and explore a new world of possibilities with a school, but with this alarming question, this beautiful situation turns into a nightmare.

Of course, as a parent you always look for the best ways to offer something unique and different to your kids, so they can unleash new relations and make their own buddies, and you always think that how ‘I can get these facilities at a play school near me.’

      As a parent, you always consider both the sides of this same classroom situation, where the major benefit comes, that keeping twins in the same class, eases down the pressure on parents, by dealing with the same teacher throughout the year, and understanding only one teaching style and homework routine would simplify things.

But what is the other side of the story is that you avoid the unnecessary competition and halt the dependence on each other. So the kids can build their own interests and skill levels, and rather fighting and competing with each other, they would help and support each other within the creative reach at one of the best play schools.

      Parents have every worry in the world when it comes to dealing with their kids. Thus some parents get worried that separating twins make them miss each other more, but eventually, the positive aspect is being in the separate classes, give them a chance to get comfortable with others in the classroom and make new friends.

This further helps them in developing social skills according to their characteristics and come out of their shell to get the right exposure.

      Also, one of the greatest benefits of keeping twins in the separate classes in the best pre-primary school, helps them attain the individual attention from their respective teachers, which helps the kids to get nurtured and develop their strengths and eliminate their weaknesses.

To conclude it can be stated that, every kid is an individual, who has specific skills and the qualities, which can further grow when each kid gets the ample opportunities to expand their vision, without being overlooked or compared with the twin.

Albeit, there are different perspectives of the parents when it comes to separating or keeping them together in the classroom, however, at Sixth Element School, we believe that by separating the kids in the classrooms only foster their independence. Furthermore, it allows your kids to figure out how to get through the daily school activities without being dependent on their twin and thrive on own.

Our second campus at Tata Primanti - which is a preschool, primary school & daycare - all in one campus - is now in the process of admitting a few more bright children - as seats are limited - given our single section/two section per class operating model. We are targeting some of the kids in the neighborhood including from

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