IN 2004 – 14 years back when we started out @ Gurgaon – we were the first in the industry to understand the needs of working parents & accordingly developed/invented our full day child focussed, engaging “daycare” in Gurgaon.

Before the emergence of the Sixth Element daycare centre – all that existed in the sector were creche’s & schools, with creche’s primarily focussing on “childcare” by maids – where the focus was just on a place where children could sleep, be fed and simply put cared for, since both the parents were working ! in these creche’s little thought was given to engaging & developing the children, which is true for a lot of daycare’s today – who cost cutting above everything else and just provide a safe & secure place – but practically nothing else.   

The Sixth Element Psychologists & child development team, Inspired from the works of Piaget , Vygotsky & Bruner  • developed the sixth element daycare centers on the principle that children develop their brains & capabilities best by taking an active part in engaging with & absorbing meaning from the world around them though active peer and teacher interaction  • Scaffolds teaching practices from our school & engagement  using Piaget's framework of proposed stages in a child's developing ability to learn.  • Includes playtime both outside and in the childcare centre/class/room, giving the children the freedom to explore, create and explore their world. 

So whole focus was not just on safety & care – which is what creche’s essentially did, but rather engagement & development of the child by trained councillors, rather than by maids.

So our whole daycare model evolved to leverage the after school hours – at the sixth element daycare for not just rest & recuperation from the morning school hours – but engagement & development as well, so this excisting period of the child’s life & growth is fully leveraged to realise the child’s fullest potential !

 Some of the key features of our daycare include:

·       story telling & discussion on the story

·       tactile garden

·       music garden

·       logical thinking & problem solving

·       various project work on the environment & exploring/understanding the world around us

·       music & dance

·       art & creativity

·       theatre

·       home work finishing support

·       home cooked organic & pure meals

·       fitness building & regular exercise

·       confidence building by various activities

·       balancing, risk management & strengthening

·       roller skating & few other outdoor games, play

·       games, fun & social interaction with other children & care giving councelleors.

Our campus’s green infrastructure in touch with the elements is a hall mark of the sixth element daycare centres …with lots of plants grown all over the centre…often with 80% being air cleaning plants….so we consciously build an eco-friendly green sustainanble environment with much cleaner air & positive charged environment than many parts of the city.

Our reputation, solid  team & operational practices and child first education, engagement & care approach, continue to draw widespread appreciation  and is respected & recognized widely here including online in  social media ( kindly consider browsing our facebook pages here https://www.facebook.com/SixthElementSchool    to check out our 5 star online reputation) as one of the best in Gurgaon/ncr – given our consistent track record for over 12 years.

In times like these – it’s worth reflecting that the way creche’s & some other daycare centres operate leave a lot to be desired – as all they focus on is just “childcare “– and not engagement & child development.

In today’s fast evolving world children need to be developing their capabilities in these fast growing age group (1 to 12 years) & getting  prepared for the rapid change that is on today & the emerging VUCA future.

As we developed our daycare’s operational model over the last several years – it got popular, attracting children from many expat families as well & eventually even the sector picked up this term & have been trying to emulate not just our operating model, but even the term “daycare”..

Each day at our daycare - for every child - is a day of igniting & joyful, continuously learning , in a safe, green & engaging environment-  i.e. the “joy of learning “– i.e. the Sixth element!

at our second campus at Tata Primanti - which is a preschool, daycare & Primary School campus we are right now in the process of welcoming a few more bright children - as admissions are in progress for families living in the neighborhood areas including:

  • Golf Course Extention Road

  • Nirwana Country

  • Central park

  • Tulip

  • Vipul Club area

  • Tatvam Villas

  • Sector 33

  • Sector 34

  • Sector 48

  • Sector 51

  • Sector 57

  • Sector 54

  • Palm Springs

  • Vatika

  • Sohna Road

  • other nearby areas

Thoughts? do share/let us know your perspective.