As a parent – I’m looking for a solution for preschool & day-care in Gurgaon, As in Gurgaon – most of the schools/campuses are “just schools” or “just day-care” centres.

·         So I’m left with figuring out how to handle the transition of my child – during midday- from the school to the daycare center- as I and my spouse are both working and need the child to be taken care & engaged/schooled through the day.

·         Ideally I’m looking for a campus which is both a school & daycare  where my child is fully taken care of through the entire day, has been engaged, has played in, has been taught, provided nutritious meals, safely from 9 am to 7 pm – so that I can concentrate on my work – and not worry about my child through the day.


Who provides this integrated solution?-the Sixth Element school & day-care in Gurgaon!

·         For the preschoolers, nursery & primary classes – we provide a complete schooling & daycare solution through the day - 6 days/week.


In 2004 – 14 years back when we started out @ Gurgaon – we were the first in the industry to understand the needs of working parents & accordingly developed/invented our full day child focused, engaging daycare in Gurgaon. So we have a history of developing solutions trailered to the needs of parents in Gurugram!

Also our whole day daycare is comprehensive.

 Some of the key features of our daycare include:

·         story telling & discussion on the story

·         tactile garden

·         music garden

·         logical thinking & problem solving

·         various project work on the environment & exploring/understanding the world around us

·         music & dance

·         art & creativity

·         theater

·         homework finishing support

·         home cooked organic & pure meals

·         fitness building & regular exercise

·         confidence building by various activities

·         balancing, risk management & strengthening

·         roller skating & few other outdoor games

·         Games, fun & social interaction with other children & care giving counselors.

And all our campuses have green infrastructure in touch with the elements is a hall mark of the sixth element best preschool in Gurgaon…with lots of plants grown all over the centre…often with 80% being air cleaning plants….so we consciously build an eco-friendly green sustainable environment with much cleaner air & positive charged environment than many parts of the city.

Each day at our school & daycare -  is a day of igniting & joyful, continuously learning leveraging experiential learning practices, in a safe, green & engaging environment-  i.e. the “joy of learning “– i.e. the Sixth element!

If you are looking for top 10 schools in Gurgaon- The Sixth Element School is one of them.

incidently at our Second campus at Tata Primanti ( which is a preschool, primary school as well as a full high quality daycare - we are effective q1 2019-20 looking forward to welcoming a few more bright students from the neighborhood including :

  • Golf Course extention road

  • Nirwana Country

  • Central park

  • Tulip

  • Vipul

  • Tatvam Villas

  • sector 33

  • sector 34

  • sector 48

  • sector 51

  • sector 57

  • sector 54

  • Palm Springs

Thoughts? Questions? Suggestions? do share/let us know ….we look forward to hearing from you

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