The Sixth Element - Gurugram's Unique Single Section School

At a time when schools pride themselves in terms of scale & size (especially in terms of number of children & tens of sections in each grade or class), usually with more than a thousand or two children Whew!- so many kids & so very many sections), the Sixth element formal school at Tata Primanti is unique, as it has plans to limit its intake & number of sections to only 1 section in a grade or class ( we will go maximum up to two sections for class/grade).

 This concept of limited intake of students is unique to Gurgaon, and is modelled on the famous “Riverside school, at Ahmedabad”. This is to ensure that children in each class get the requisite attention & focus and do not get lost in the “mob” of thousands and tens of children in multiple sections.

 If you were to visit the Sixth Element school at Tata Primanti, you would observe large spacious, airy and comfortable class rooms, spacious corridors and large open areas left both inside and outside the building ( big playgrounds & lots of play/sitting areas around the school ). We have easy comfortable seating inside the classrooms too(without the children getting cramped in rows and rows of theatre like seating) . This is done to keep in mind that the number of children/class remains modest which is around 30 children and number of “sections” will be ideally be 1 or maximum 2 per class.

 As a child centric school, we believe that this simple approach will help us do justice to each child enrolled, and just like our well reputed, successful and famous 14 year old South City 1 campus, this school will be appreciated as an absolutely unique “quality”  & not “quantity” focused school.

  fact that all Sixth Element schools are

  • Green & Eco- friendly and leverage experiential learning practices & pedagogy

  • Leverage team success through working jointly on projects, rather than working towards individual excellence

  • Inculcate values & ethics too,

  • Balance of academia, practical hands on activities through project work, extra curricular and sports activities

  •  All campuses of Sixth element have daycare integrated in the same campus……is a bonus !

 Do check us out at our Go Green creative campus @ Tata Primanti, Sector 72, Gurgao near Sohna Road, you will surely feel and notice the unique Sixth Element in our spaces !!!

 or share your feedback and thoughts in comments below or simply reach us at or just call us at 0124 - 4086466 or +91 8527274695


Summer Activities At The Sixth Element- Schools & Daycare - Tata Primanti & South City 1 Campuses  

Summer Activities At The Sixth Element- Schools & Daycare - Tata Primanti & South City 1 Campuses  

Summer is here…. schools are beginning to close down for the 2 hot months ?

At The Sixth Element for over 14 years at Gurgaon - we have been operating activities at our campuses…which have been a hit with children & parents..

The Parent Trap: Why Parents Shouldn't Give into the Child's Demand for Gadgets

The Parent Trap: Why Parents Shouldn't Give into the Child's Demand for Gadgets

Being a parent is a wonderful experience but it can also be quite demanding. Sometimes the temptation to take a break can lead us to fall into a well-familiar 'Parent trap'. The trap where we let our kids watch the television or use electronic gadgets to have a moment of peace and quiet. 





 Many schools are closed for summer vacations - so what will children do during this period ?;

also in the  “after” school hours….. like in the evenings & weekends…and during school holidays… children are often restless and wanting to go out and play ….and as caregivers & parents we should  encourage to get engaged in activities - get some fresh air, exercise and sporting spirit in the elements - across all seasons - as it is very healthy to get acclimatized with all weather conditions and even “break some sweat”  in extreme summers or in spring, autumn or winters …

Engagement in different activities is good - and channelizes the young one’s bubbling energies into playing physical sports or some creative & socially enriching activities in secure environments like dance, music, theatre,painting, pottery making, etc

You’ll be pleased to know that the Sixth element runs extensive “ activities “ in partnership with experts on its campuses.

While at its South City 1 campus in B Bock it has been successfully operating its pre-school & daycare & various activities for over 14 years, at its Tata Primanti campus in Sector 72 its just launched the following actvities, while more will be added in due course.

l Skating

l Basketball

l Soccer

l Dance

At its airy, spacious & green eco-friendly  campus - the Sixth Element School and daycare @ Tata Primanti looks forward to engaging with children in its neighborhood including the following areas.

Ø Tatvam Villas

Ø Vipul Club area

Ø Golf Course extention Road

Ø Southern Periphery road(SPR)

Ø Tulip apartments

Ø Sector 33

Ø Sector 34

Ø Sector 48

Ø Sector 48

Ø Sector 51

Ø Sector 54

Ø Sector 57

Ø Sector 59

Ø Palm Springs

Ø Vatika City

Check out our campus for our vibrant actvities - give us a shout - lets talk - get engaged with our experts on our wholesome, outdoor & indoor , enjoyable & learning activities !

 - Team The Sixth Element ! 





We experience massive change & disruptions across sectors – and so schooling & education particularly for the early years needs to adapt – so as they are growing up they are ready for the massive change around.

Together or Apart: Should Your Twins Be in The Same Classroom?

Together or Apart: Should Your Twins Be in The Same Classroom?

there are different perspectives of the parents when it comes to separating or keeping them together in the classroom, however, at Sixth Element School, we believe that by separating the kids in the classrooms only foster their independence. Furthermore, it allows your kids to figure out how to get through the daily school activities without being dependent on their twin and thrive on own.

How Pre-Nursery school helps in preparing for Kindergarten

How Pre-Nursery school helps in preparing for Kindergarten

The worth of year before kindergarten is one of the most vital aspects for a kid to learn important skills, such making the shapes of letters and numerical numbers on paper, coupled with matching rhyming sounds.