Our daycare facility is setup principally to address the needs of a fissionable and movable working population. It is our whole desire to take care of kids and hence we are not just selling our services but provide best daycare in Gurgaon with best imaginable environment for your kids to grow and enjoy their childhood days. Because these years never come back and have deep impact on their character that is why we try to cultivate good values in them. Just keeping your child for time being sake is not our purpose, we give our best so that we get satisfaction of giving something more than what we get paid for and what anybody else has ever to offer which is our motto.

To facilitate the most, we have various options to offer:

i) Regular Internal Daycare (Half/ Full day): Applicable to children enrolled with The Sixth Element® as part of the Preschool Program

ii) Regular External Daycare (Half/ Full day): Applicable to children from age group 4 to 12 years (girls) and 4 to 10 years (boys)

iii) Emergency Backup: Hourly/ Weekly arrangement to address emergency / seasonal /or work pressure commitments of working parents